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A person who always try's to claim fame from what a friend or "buddy" is doing or accomplishing.
Friend 1:" Hey man yall need to come down to our detail shop and get touched up. We will take care of yall, on mamas cuzz!"

Friend 2: "Foreal cuzz? You and who got the detail shop and where it's at?"

Friend 1: " Oh it's me, whoopty woo, whatchamacallit, and ole' boys spot down on the avenue. We all put our money together and got it."

Friend 2:"Damn cuzz that's what's up! Me and cuzz right here will be down there in about an hour, stay up Pimp!"

Friend 3: "man that nigga full of shit! I rapped to whoopty woo earlier this morning and he said it's him, whatchamacallit, and ole' boys shop. He say he let cuzz wash a few cars to get some change in his pocket. That nigga always buddy hustling around here!"

Friend 2: "Ha! Ha! You niggas is silly!"
by Prettytony1973 September 16, 2014
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