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A Symbol that represents either of or relating to Buddhism and/or something that is conducive to Buddhist Morals. It is also known as "the Heart Seal of the Buddha". Used in many Asian Countries to mark the location of a Buddhist Temple it is also finding it's way to the West as well.

A red or golden squared swastika going in the left direction with either a yellow or white background.

Anyone who shows much Buddhist knowledge and can be a witty sarcastic show-off who competes for attention.

Anyone who spams with the Kalama Sutra Quote as an answer for everything.

Something the Religiously Intolerant Feign Ignorance with, and try to get others to believe is a Nazi Swastika.

The end result of the Buddhist Palm technique whereas a giant Buddhist Swastika shoots out of the Buddhist's hand, similar to the Kame-Hame-Ha Wave Blast Palm used by Son Goku (the Monkey King) in Dragon Ball Z.

Used as a symbol of Protection from ghosts, demons, individuals with bad Karma, and wild animals. Also to protect against negative mental states.
Oh Shit, the Buddhist Swastika is here, and he's kicking ass.

Dude it's the Nazi god!!! No, dipshit, that's the Buddhist Swastika, the Heart Seal of the Buddha.

You're starting to sound like the Buddhist Swastika.

Dude, there's a toppled tree in my yard, did you knock it down with a Buddhist Swastika?

He's going to need a Buddhist Swastika stamped on his head to keep him cool.
by Buddhist Prime March 10, 2011
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Of or relating to Buddhism. Found mostly on Asian Mahayana Buddhist Temples and their Statues. If the symbol is found on a food product it means that the food is all Vegetarian, thus causing no harm to animals in the creation of the food product. Thus keeping with Ahimsa, a term meaning to do no harm, a common practice found in Buddhism.
Home-Schooled Christian: Dude what's with the Nazi Ramen?
College Educated Buddhist: Yeah right, and I suppose that Chinese script is German too.

Home-Schooled Christian: I dunno, I can't read either.
College Educated Buddhist: No, X-tard, that's the Buddhist Swastika, it means that no harm was caused to animals in the preparation of this food product.

Home-Schooled Christian: What?
College Educated Buddhist: It's Vegetarian.

Home-Schooled Christian: Well, fuck that, I gotta have meat everyday.
College Educated Buddhist: You are Karmically-dispositioned towards Obesity.
by Black Plowman October 07, 2011
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