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a) to engage in questionable conduct for the amusement of your self and your buds. Usually by making others feel awkward or by making fun of them.
b)to consume more then 100 alcoholic drinks in a given week.

A combination of "Bud" and "Achievement."
Writing a Wikipedia Article on Budcheivement and making fun of the people who have nothing better to do than write to wikipedia about how Budchievement should be deleted.

Can be used in conversation as follows:
Person A: "It's sad and all that Tracy is dead, but you've got to admit that when he got his Budchievement he had never been happier."

Person B: "But that Budchievement was what ended up killing him."

Person A: "Yeah, but I mean, you've got to admit he really had something there."

Person B: "That makes no sense...he's dead now because of it."

Person A: "It makes perfect Budsense."

Person B: "You're an idiot."

Person A: "Buds."
by WallytheBud December 19, 2006
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