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1> Collective term for a man who loves his Budweiser


2> When someone is so wasted you are actually ABLE to pull down his trousers, and his boxers, and insert a bottle of Budweiser (or any bottle of beer) up their anal passage.


3> A party tradition in which you take the drunkest of the drunk at a party, after they have passed out, and see who can get a bottle of Budweiser up their Anus. The furthest up the brown-eye wins. The loser gets a kick in the crotch.
1:- Wow, Jason can fairly down that Budweiser! Awh...awh he's puking AND pissing...what a Budbum

2:- Jaime: Hey guys, Al passed out! I'm gonna stick this bottle up his ass!
Pétur: Man, you can NOT get that up there, he's not THAT wasted
*Unzips trousers, pulls boxers down, inserts into anal cavatie*
Jaime: I know.....I budbummed him...

3:- Jaime: Ok, Marty and Reuban have passed out.......retrieve the bottles...its time for a game of Budbum
by Jaime-the-ledge January 18, 2010
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