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A ubiquitous and formulaic type of popular American music, characterized by the usage of a combination of previously popular sylistic elements. Punk- or grunge/metal-inspired guitars and rhythms are combined with highly melodic harmonized vocals. A spoken-word rap is frequently used as the "middle eight" of a Bucket Rock composition. The rap is preferably performed by a very famous collaborator to lend credibility to the track. Next, either a musical bridge is played or a closing verse ends the song. Due to its simplistic content and predictability, this musical form is considered to be mediocre at best and irrelevant at worst.

Called 'Bucket Rock' because if all mainstream American rock songs released since about 2000 were placed in a bucket and one was selected at random, it would sound precisely like all the others.
What a waste of $40, we went to see my cousin's band play at the House of Blues last night, but it was total bucket rock.
by SFalken December 23, 2011
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