Bubble hash is refined hashish that bubbles when smoked. The name was coined by Bubble Man, the Canadian hashish innovator who created a hashish sieving system that uses ice, water and multiple levels of screening in order to remove the resin gland heads from the cannabis plant material, and to further remove any impurities from the hashish leaving a very pure resin. The use of only water and multiple levels of sieving to isolate the concentrated material is ideal for health-conscious consumers and/or medical patients for whom which chemical processing is un-desirable or possibly a health risk. Ice water hash and ice water hash systems were available, namely from Mila of Amsterdam, but they used a minimal number of screens.
Dude, I smoked so much bubble hash in Amsterdam, I couldn't make my train.
by bellzon July 30, 2006
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Hashish that is made from dry grow-op clippings. The dried left over clipping are filtered through three bags that are submerged in water in a bucket. After mixing thouroughly the dense hash is left over. When the hash is smoked it bubbles.
Dead prostitute! This bubble hash sure fucks me up.
by Seth Perry March 02, 2006
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To sort a hashtable or an associative array, by using the bubblesort algorithm. Not a widely known expression, it's more like an inside joke by programmers commonly using (or at least well familiar with) some sort of cannabis.

Bubblesort is a sorting algorithm which iterates over a table of data, taking two pairs of valus each time and switches them so that the smaller one of them is moved to the top. If visualized, it's almost as if the small numbers moves with a "bubbling" effect towards the top of the list.
// Bubble Hash demo
void swap(int *a,int *b)
int tmp=*a;

void bubbleSort(int *array,int size)
for(int i=size-1;i>0;--i)
for(int pos=0;pos<i;++pos)

by raccoon519 March 12, 2006
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