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1) someone who means well but is by all means tottaly retarted.

2) someone who has swag but tends to epicly fail when it comes to simple tasks.

3) a word used to 'bleep' out a swear word
"Don't be such a bubbert"

"what the bubbert"

"Them crazy ass mother bubberts"
by Lafonda Lola Larkin November 18, 2012
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1.The male version of "Betty"
Someone who is highly attractive but is not very smart.
Quite the looker but comes across as very stupid.

A Hot guy who is completely dumb.

2.Bubbert can be used to fill in the blank when you don't know the answer to something, or if you feel like something might be to inappropriate in the presence of small children and/ or senior citizens.
Surfer guys, Jocks, "pretty boys"

Examples: Surfer guys, Jocks, "pretty boys"

"Shes a betty, he's a bubbert... they're perfect for each other."

"Holy bubert" (instead of holy shit)
"bubbert hole" (instead of ass hole)
"What the bubbert" (instead of what the hell or what the fuck)
"Son of a bubbert" (instead of son of a bitch)
by Mr. Moosie July 28, 2014
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