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BsdsuCE is the abbreviation for "Before San Diego State's Common Era." The BsdsuCE designation uses the year-numbering system introduced by dumb SDSU fans intending San Diego State's only two wins in the NCAA Tournament in 2011 be the reference date. Any date preceding March 24, 2011 is regarded as being BsdsuCE.
Bob: "Listen to this! Steve Fisher was born in 65 BsdsuCE!"
George: "What?! He looks like he was born in 85 BsdsuCE!"

SDSU fans were all born after the year 10 BsdsuCE.

SDSU fan: "NCAA Tournament games didn't count before 0 BsdsuCE."

Under Steve Alford, UNM has won 3 MWC regular season titles. His first championship was in 2 BsdsuCE.

Ever since Steve Alford was hired in 3 BsdsuCE, he has been reeking havoc on the MWC.
by Basketball_Maniac February 26, 2013
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