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You would see a name like brianna or Briana, a comon popular name that has the same sound in it but have you ever saw it spelled like bryuanna. You would find something rare like this in the world because a bryuanna is unique. They are usually athletic, most of the time, hate being a loser. If your looking for a relationship with a bryuanna, it’s not that easy. Boys fall for a bryuanna but bryuanna is a hard to get person in your life, when you do date a bryuanna she would usually stay in a quit long relationship with you because she care about her love ones and she will do anything to make sure they are safe. A bryuanna is not the nicest person in the world so its easy for her to keep some enemies and haters on the side lines, don’t be afraid if you see a bryuanna get in a fight it’s very common for that. A bryuanna is creative , with special skills up her sleeve. A bryuanna has a hard time to fit in most of the time so sometimes it’s that point where she can be antisocial, but when you do meet her well enough you will find out she’s kinda freaky and the most loudest and funniest person in the world . A bryuanna wouldn’t spend her days reading a book or painting her nails, you would see her grabbing a controller or play fighting with friends. A bryuanna is known to be thic with a big old booty. If you found a Bryuanna in your world don’t lose her because you won’t find another one like her .
Girl 1) Did you hear that girl bryuanna stole jensy man B R Y U A N N A

Girl 2) bryuanna? What kind of name is spelled like that

Girl 1) a special one
by Breh The Nobody May 20, 2018
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