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Bryn Athyn is a small town nestled within Huntingdon Valley. It is often joked that the people there are inbred and have six fingers or six toes. The people there tend to intermarry for reasons that have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with marrying within the church.

The town is associated with the General Church, a particularly conservative branch of Swedenborgianism that is generally homophobic and does not let women into the ministry. It should be noted that many more liberal Swedenborgians live there, but are not often associated with the formal church.

Contrary to rumors, it is not a cult. Some believe the confusion to be based in a misleading history book about the area.

Bryn Athyn is home to a beautiful cathedral, and Glen Cairn, which is a castle turned museum.
I grew up in Bryn Athyn. Bryn Athyn. The town?... There's a cathedral. See? You have heard of it.
by Rose Apprentice April 26, 2011
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Bryn Athyn is a wonderful community in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. There is a beautiful Cathedral and beautiful people who care about being a good person. Most people are New Church, or Swedenborgian which is an awesome religion that cares about serving others. I love this town.
"Since I've moved to Bryn Athyn, life has been more rich and meaningful and happy."
by IAMAHUMANBEING May 01, 2010
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Bryn Athyn is a small town nestled within Huntingdon Valley. The land is primarily owned by the Pitcairns, where their family has either inbred or married close relatives and stayed within the confines of Bryn Athyn over centuries to present day for financial reasons. Trusts, mostly.

Within this highly inbred, political community is a 'Christian' cult Church known as the New Church which spans globally and awards high paying contracts, jobs and even careers to the political elite. They follow the Swedenborgian writings, the deciphering of God's Word though the prophet Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic, and theologian.

When compared to most Evangelical Christianities, Swedenborgianism is much more forgiving toward the Earth-based spiritualities. However, women are still subordinate, gays are still shunned, and sex before marriage/cohabitation is not tolerated.

Not very progressive although they claim to be.

On top of this all, Bryn Athyn is a Tax Free borough. All of the schools within the borough are private, belonging to the New Church. So living within Bryn Athyn is a Tax Loophole for the Philadelphia social elite.
Are you attending the 19 of June at Bryn Athyn Cathedral?

What is the 19 of June?

It's a Cult Holiday!
by crazyj-the-rapper May 31, 2009
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