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A very small town in Charles County, Maryland located between Hughesville and Waldorf. Noted by the 70's style houses of the White Flight and new, big, houses everywhere. It has an elementary school, a catholic church/private school and the Bryantown "Mall." No joke. It's called the friggin Bryantown Mall. It has a small store, a post office, and a barber shop. Yeah, that's our friggin mall. La Plata and Waldorf have every chain store imaginable and Bryantown gets a mall.
A: Hey do you live in Bryantown?
B: Hellz yeah!
A: Wanna do something?
B: Hey we can...
A: Is it in Bryantown?
B: Yeah!
A: No.
by Justasmalltowngirllivinginalon November 15, 2010
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