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Being sweet at heart, caring as they can be, a heart of gold is only the beginning to this wonderful human being. The impact he has in others lives is unimaginable, doing homework for others, staying up late to talk and help with problems, he's there instantaneously when you need a shoulder to cry on and has the best hugs.... Also he loves and respects his friends more then any person I've ever met he'd die for them on and off the sports field, and I mean this truly from the bottom of the heart, any lady deserves him. You need a smile and cute face, go to Langley BC Canada and ask for Bryan, they'll know who you mean.
"Hey did you hear?"

"No, what!?"

"I'm bestfriends with Bryan Gill!"

"Join the club, he is the best!"
by Dreamer157 January 06, 2013
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