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Brundlefuck - Noun

A Brundlefuck is a person who is so stupid they will never fit into society and the words "dumbfuck" and "clusterfuck" no longer apply to them.


Someone who has done something so immensely stupid they will never live it down. They've done this either to prove themselves, win a bet, or to rise to everyone else's level, but they really only degrade their image in the minds of others.
-Two men, one of which who is immensely wasted, the other one sober, are seen rocketing off a ramp in an old Gremlin. Amazed onlookers cry out in terror, admiration, and boredom.-

Terry: I saw two guys in there.
Hillary: Really now.
Terry: Yeah. Who do you think is the bigger brundlefuck?
Hillary: I'm guessing the drunk guy, for driving that thing?
Terry: No, it's the sober guy, for willingly participating in this stunt.


Todd swam in a septic tank last thursday as part of a bet. What a brundlefuck. I'm gonna make sure he never forgets this.
by *8 June 24, 2009
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