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Someone who's quiet and shy. They don't trust many people...but the people they do trust are the people really special to them. They don't hurt others unless provoked. That is,you have to hurt someone they care about or them. They will kill for the ones they love. If you have their love,don't take it for granted. These people are often misinterpreted as hateful and dangerous,but are actually very loving. They put up a wall,but if you can get past it,they'll show you a world like no other. Brucemichaels are very easy to love and care for. They have a very dark side,but only use it when they need to.
"Dude,that Brucemichael kid is freaky."

"Brucemichael is so loving...and only us few get to see it"
by squishydarling November 15, 2012
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