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An very unhealthy and often absusive relationship between two males or bros. Their sexual orientation is usually very questionable.

These kind of relationships have risen 44% over the last year.
There have been several documented cases where one male will abuse the other, usually the smaller of the two.

There even have been reported cases of bro rape.
This usually comes from a urge to "dominate" or "own" other men.

A most notable example of this is between a fat mexican and a small white boy. The small white boy is usually powerless to stop the abuse from his larger partner.

If someone attempts to start a Broz 4 lyfe relationship with you, you should contact the authorities immediately.
Bro 1: Yo we are Broz 4 lyfe!!!!!!
Straight dude: NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!

Bro 1: Broz 4 lyfe?
Dude 2: No. I am going to call the police now.

Bro you want to be Broz 4 lyfe?
by Dick Mussel October 26, 2010
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