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A violently loud fit of anger. This happens when someone gets EXTREMELY angry and at that point bursts into a 'browny rage'. The main causes of this happening is when someone:
Looses a match in Crysis or Crysis 2 (lossing at match in crysis 2 results in a bigger rage)
Finds out that punkbuster has banned them as a result of hacking.
Plays MW2 for too long

Also 'fanboys' can get the affects of a browny rage if someone says something negative about the thing they worship.
And as always 'rage spit' will cover the surrounding area of the rage
Browny (playing crysis 2): im gonna own you all with my hacks!!!! (hacking)

Message on pc: Punkbuster has perm banned you for using Aimbot 2.0!

Browny: Inaudible rage aka 'browny rage'
by lifeless creature July 19, 2011
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