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A heated battle of sorts between two males when a resolution is unattainable. The Browntown Showdown is a modern play on the classic event, the "Tug-of-War". The two parties involved take a rope (twine for the frail and anally incompetent) preferably a half-inch in diameter. The rope is to be knotted on both ends and then inserted into the anal cavities of the aforementioned. Both men then must clench their assly muscles and take steps away from each other, the first party to release the rope is the loser.

(A ropesmith is preferred and must regulate/monitor the proceedings)

no-homo is not necessary, but may help in further explanations to others
"My teacher said the answer was X = 3, I disagree; it's time for a Browntown Showdown."
by bilky koors August 19, 2009
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