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A black male who speaks like a white person and is very sociable among white women. The white women think that the brownsort is very educated for a black male, and the white women admire the brownsort because unlike other black males, the brownsort isn't constantly trying to rape them. White men also like brownsorts because the brownsorts make good conversation and are amiable.
Girl: DuShawn is my favorite brownsort friend, he always holds the door for me and I can trust him with my problems. Why can't white men be more like brownsorts?

Some famous Brownsorts include:
- Morgan Freeman
- Bernie Mac
- Katt Williams
- Cleveland Brown (from Family Guy)
- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
- Samuel Jackson
- Will Smith
- Joe Louis (a 1930's boxer)
by C3PO's Golden Dong December 26, 2010
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