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Just like Black Metal songs which contain lyrical references to satanist views, armageddon and darkness, Brown Metal focuses primarily on that of fecal matter. Artists of Brown Metal encourage their fans to defecate in the mosh pit at their live shows.

Brown Metal is also known as Fecal Rock to those who are apposed to the genre.
Jonny - "Wow Shaggy-two-dope, after listening to that Brown Metal I really want to lay a mad brick in my pants."

Shaggy-two-dope - "Do it man, it's encouraged. At a show I was at - There was shit EVERYWHERE."

Jonny - "Dude, awesome. My mom says I shouldn't listen to Brown Metal, but I love me some poop."
by AbsolutelyTru7h! August 18, 2011
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