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brown bottle swine is defined as the disgusting filthpig asshole who at your small poker game feels the need to chew tobacco at the table and without notifying anyone decides to use an empty dark colored beer bottle that you are accustomed to drinking out of and using it as a spittoon.yet setting it down at the table within close proximity of another person.unbeknownst to the soon to be victim who thinks has has yet 1 more swig left of his beer takes said bottle with a trace of another mans spit and used tobacco and whatever else,puts it to his lips to drink and to his dismay finds the grim reality of filth.this act is punishable by death.the reaction of the of the victim is vomiting horribly,defined as the brown bottle flu.
a friend of mine called me up one evening after work and asked if i would like to meet him and a few other guys at the clubhouse to play a game of poker.i said hell yea,ran to the store and got a 6 pack and as i neared the end of my last bottle,i realised i must be in the company of the brown bottle swine,given the spit and tobacco i digested.soon i was under the clear understanding that i had the brown bottle flu.
by Mr.Badluck May 19, 2010
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