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Perhaps more commonly known as Roseville, the city is located approximately 15 miles North East of Sacramento, California. Widely known for it's conceded opulence and apparent lack of thinking, reading or open-mindedness on any level by its citizens. You will find a plethora of ignorant, empty fools in lifted trucks and Volcom hats. Tribal tattoos are also a common sight. Bros slither amongst the city dragging their knuckles on the pavement while drinking Monster Energy Drinks. Women are beautiful and plentiful. Unfortunately, any attempt at basic conversation on a real level will result in disappointment. Unless your conversation consists of talk on the new Soulja Boy album, or Jamba juice, your words will go to deaf and/or dull ears/minds. If you find yourself living in Brosville as a registered Democrat, you may as well not vote, for Brosville is a part of Placer County, where W bumper stickers are commonly found on SUV's (and no, not to be ironic). By and large, if you enjoy caring only for yourself, ridiculing the weak, money, guns, malls, Hummers, and a City guaranteed to be completely devoid of culture, Brosville is perfection.
BRO: "Hey bro, you wanna come to Brosville with me to pick up my new rims?"

ME: "No, places like that help me understand why the terrorists hate us."
by Ryan Quicompoix May 25, 2008
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