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Totally crucial to the broship. Necessary to or essential to the continuation of the brohood.

Once a broship has been formed, one may, in many instances encounter circumstances that test that broship. Though in theory the brohood is forever, they can be broken, if a bro: fails to embark upon an epic journey (Taco Bell, like beer, is not as good alone), or leaves a bro when most in need of the broship, hooks up with a bro's babe, makes out with another bro, gets a bro in jail, or takes some action resulting in a brotastrophe.

The unwritten rules of brohood are, by definition, brossential.

We try to avoid the use of brossential as the strong desire for the presence of the bro. This may impliedly violate the rules of the broship as brohood remains in the realm of philia.
It is brossential that we finish this definition together....bro!!!
Dude! It is brossential that we finish this game tonight!!!
My girl just broke up with me, bro. It is brossential that you buy me a beer or some T-Bell.
This is a quest bro….if we don’t finish this it would be like if Mario just let that chick do that dragon...he didn’t let that fly and neither can we…this is brossential!
My bro was supposed to bail me out, but he got some pussy instead, fuck him. It is brossential that bros come before hoes.
by Dashjoma December 22, 2010
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