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Place in Calvert County where ALL of the drug dealers reside. You can get anything from weed to OxyContin there. Everyone there owns a boat and even the old heads buy and sell drugs. Cops are always trying to bust doors down looking for drugs but the Islanders are always one step ahead. Its a small place with only one way in and one way out but you can always score there anytime of day. The road that takes you into B.I. is called 264 and you commonly here B.I. natives and friends of them shouting 264 at parties all over the tri-county area.
Dude 1: Man, there is a big party tonight but I can't find an chron or pills anywhere!

Dude 2: Yo, let me hit my boy up in Broomes Island and we can get all that and then some.
by Anonymous-264 September 07, 2008
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