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A much more virulent variant of garden-variety herpes originating from Brooklyn, the most populated of New York City's five boroughs. As young, hip, horny twenty-somethings continue to move into progressively smaller and crappier area apartments, they have sex with each other and unwittingly transmit a cocktail of previous STIs and diseases acquired from their living conditions. Bars, clubs, concert halls, parks, and other large meeting places are high-risk areas. Although the Brooklyn Herp originated in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, the outlying areas of Greenpoint, Bushwick, and Clinton Hill are increasingly at risk of an outbreak. Local health officials often explain this growing problem away as bedbugs.
Dude, don't go to Union Pool if you're trying to hook up tonight. Anyone you meet there is probably going to have the Brooklyn Herp.
by useyourtanuki September 19, 2010
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