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A type of customer, normally at a fastfood "restaurant", who orders two meals... for themselves.

A new spin on the term, supersize, the Brooklyn Special does not refer to enlarging a single meal, but rather ordering a second.

Although most commonly used at the McDonalds fast food chain, the term loosely fits any sort of restaurant where a brave compatriot undertakes the chore of eating two meals.

The Brooklyn Special is however negated if one of two circumstances apply: i. the customer is actually eating for two (ie. they are preggers), ii. if the customer is fat (ie. it is not abnormal for them to eat two meals).
Person A: Holy crap, that person just went up to the cashier and ordered a Brooklyn Special!
Person B: What? Where?!
Person A: That girl over there.
Person B: But, what the fuck? She's actually in good shape.
Person A: That's the whole definition of the Brooklyn Special, dumbass.
Person C: (customer ordering the Brooklyn Special) What the fuck are you two looking at?!?
by Davie.D. August 25, 2008
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