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Bronze Rage Syndrome, also known as B.R.S., is a condition that is prevalent in the League of Legends community. Although its nomenclature is derived from the high concentrations of this affliction observed primarily in low ranked play, this disease is indiscriminate in its vector of infection. Victims of this terrible disease display decreased cognitive function, often causing them to walk into enemy towers and fountain as well as dying to enemy forces in strangely creative ways. In addition to this, they adopt a speech impediment similar to that observed in people suffering from Wernicke's aphasia. Unable to form cohesive speech, and reciting only profanity, all attempts at communication with them are in futility. This disease is mildly contagious and is often seen as related to group retardation, however, such claims are currently being researched and are as such, unproven. In extreme cases, the infected are beyond help, degenerating into a state of mindless rage. At this point, the only humane option left is but to euthanize these pitiful creatures, releasing them from their miserable existence.
Player 1: "FUK sdhit you fucking noob fuck fedr nob bich"

Player 2: "It appears that our ally has fallen to bronze rage syndrome, he should seek immediate medical attention."

Player 1: "Reterd, ur mom needs to seek immedite medical atention"

Player 1: "From my cok LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!11!!!1one!oneone"

Player 2: "This poor soul, such a sad and wretched existence, it would be best to put him out of his misery at once."
by Dr. Aven November 25, 2014
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