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A school that resembles something like Plesantville combined with the Breakfast Club. Where to fit in you must have a drinking problem or a coke addiction. But its ok our parents do it anyways. Their Girls Track and Field team dominate the schools athletics and is their main source of trophies. The teachers are known to drive worse cars than the students and they are still the highest paid teachers in the state. The kids are ushered in to the school each mornig by the loveable Frank Spillo. The Football team blows and has lost two state finals. They worry more about where their next beer is than the game tomorrow. If dont play sports you smoke pot and cigarettes at the curb or your a Sellechia. After parties the kids leave their empty cans outside for Charlie the Can Man, a man who rides his bike year round making money by picking up cans in Bronxville. By the way he's a Millionaire after 20 years of work.
Bronxville High School is Utopia
by Chief_Chris_Satriale February 08, 2010
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