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Having Bron-ism is when you really want to swear your arse off and you can’t, for fear of the wrath of God or other moral/social judgement so you leave gaps in your spoken sentences only to indicate a possible rude word by a frown, “hmmm” noise or moderate hand gesture of frustration.

It is exceptionally annoying for the friends of people with Bron-ism who simply want the person to let go and say “fuck”, “shit”, “twat” “cock womble” or other such profanity.

One may have permanent or temporary Bron-ism owing to cirsumstance. For example, when at work, when in the company or parents or elders or people of fragile disposition.
“Don’t have a Bron-ism about it, just say what you think!”

“Are you suffering from Bron-ism again.”
by Superfledge February 12, 2018
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A brony that follows everything of the My Little Pony show or franchise, hence they follow it like a culture
Bronism it is like a culture to some.
by Internet_Police November 28, 2013
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