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1. Meaning a woman that nags and nags and nags until her significant other, would rather sit on top of the roof than hear her complain or "b*tch" about things.

2. Something a woman does when she is mad, disturbed, or irritated about something. Mostly when a woman is a broiling woman she's not just a "nag" she's that to the extreme, it's like she broils your brain with all the "b*itching and moaning" she does
((This woman also needs help, and does not kno she is a broilin' woman,she doesnt realize how she is affecting the people around her, she just thinks she is stressed( which she probably is), but in order for her to change she actually has to be told in a loving way and she needs to hear herself actually in the process of broilin'))

A broilin' woman can also be a mother, a teacher, sister, wife, girlfriend-any person you have to deal with on a regular basis.
Clara: Why did you leave the refridgerator open, dammit Joe! The garbage needs to be taken out, you promised me you would do that earlier today, can you do anything that you say you were going to do, i dont understand are you like slow or sumthin, and this TV isn't working you need to take it back! You said you would do that a month ago! When are you going to do it Joe when? I just dont.....(clara is still nagging)

Joe: I'll be on the top of the roof
(joe slams the door, clara is still b*itching not knowing he's gone)
Joe is on the roof sippin' some beer and says out loud with a sigh "That damn broilin' woman!"

Billy: Mom do you know you are a broilin woman?

Mother:Billy what do you mean I'm a broilin' woman I cook, i clean, I wash your stinky under wear....

Billy:"Mom! Hush, just listen to this tape, i recorded you yesterday broilin up a storm."
Billy plays the tape, his mom looks in astonishment and looks to him and says, "Do i really sound like that?"
by falalalalalalalala!! February 24, 2009
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