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When two bros live in the state of ohio, they can call each other Brohio.

This can be done with any state in the U.S
What's up Brohio?

Dude, i was talking to my Brohio the other day, and he was telling me about how he got a large grape slushy at sonic
by NickBrohio February 05, 2011
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Taking the name of the street and the type of people that live there and throwing it into one! Bros living on ohio street

such as Colorado except to be extreme you would call it Coloradical.
dude i heard of a quadruple kegger at brohio tonight!

braah i totally almost hooked up with that girls twins cousin last night at brohio but i ended up having sex with miss michigan (aka your hand)
by Mix Masta August 09, 2009
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