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A Brogladdie is a rare breed. This is an individual hailing from their home land, Scotland, in northwest Europe. Growing up as a "young lad" and picking up familiar, "southern California roots" aka, BRO! Characteristics. Combine these two, and you have a Brogladdie. Often, one speaks with words, very rich in a Scottish accent, with a vocabulary very similar to a BRO. A Brogladdie is a gentle and tender human being, with really nothing more than putting on a tough front. At heart, the Brogladdie is kind and caring, unlike the Bro. It is more of a "cooler image" as opposed to a radical, reckless lifestyle, as of bros.
I spotted a Brogladdie the other day, in east Glasgow. Black high socks, Tan Dickies shorts, DGAF shirt, Monster energy in hand, and a KMK hat with the bill slightly bent upwards.
by BIYM13951 October 22, 2008
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