Brody Dacre is such a smart humorous guy. He is sexy, adorable, cute, and hot at the same time. When you see him, you cant help but smile. Walking in public makes you notice how many girls check him out. Hes the type of guy that will dump you then ask you out again right away. He will give you his sweaters, cuddles, neck kisses, hugs from behind, and his unconditional love. If you can get a guy like him, hold on tight. The reason i say "a guy like him" is because hes taken, forever and always, you people searching this up wont ever change that. Hes the type of guy you will dump but regret it instantly. You will treat him like shit. You wont admit it to him but you love him and you cant lose him and he has your heart and that scares you to death...
Her- brody dacre?
Me- oh... howd you know?
Her- oh jeez i dunno... maybe cuz youve been dating for 3 months and 8 days???
Me- oh yeah ahah, im lucky :)
by said not to use my real name August 19, 2019
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