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"Brocket 99" is the name of an underground radio station spoof recorded on cassette tape in 1986. Produced by radio deejays in Lethbridge Alberta, the show garnered regional, national and limited notoriety beyond Canada's borders by word of mouth in the twenty-three years since it first started to circulate. It was never intended for a mass audience but eventually took on a life of its own, running the gamut of emotional reaction; some see it as harmless idiocy, while others believe it was a deliberate case of targeted "racism" because of the stereotypical humor at the expense of the North American aboriginal. Websites and various spinoffs have surfaced over years dedicated to perpetuating the urban legend. Some see it as a reflection of the racist nature of Canadian society, while others don't understand why some people can't take a joke. Love it or hate it, it is a program that may have long-reaching value as a tool to initiate dialogue.
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by dirtchute September 16, 2009
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