Broccoli Wad:

A Broccoli Wad is a roll of money wrapped with a broccoli stalk rubber band due to its uncanny size and perfect fit. They are now made with synthetics and higher strength material.

It originated from the Italian Gangster culture. Gangsters do not carry their money in a wallet, they use a rubberband type wrap a.k.a. a Broccoli Wad, that is commonly used to tie Broccoli Stalks together.
Broccoli Wad = Gangster Wallet / Band, A roll of cash, usually large denominations, that are held together with a band.

Shooting My Broccoli Wad = spending money frivolously, shopping spree, making it rain in the club, etc.

Lettuce in my Broccoli (Wad) = I just got paid or I have the money.

B Roll / B Roller = Someone pretending to have a Broccoli Wad full of money that doesn't. Someone acting like they have 100's and it is really a Broccoli Wad roll of one dollar bills. Also, someone that is planning on ripping off someone else by duping them into believing they have a lot of money on them or that they want to trade a large sum of money. reference is to a "B" movie.

Benny Roll, Franks, Frankie = Broccoli Wad with Hundred Dollar Bills ready to spend. reference to Ben Franklin.

Byron = Carrying Ten Thousand Dollars or more in a Broccoli Wad(s). originated from or in reference to Lord Byron.

Shell = A pre-counted Broccoli Wad usually used in a drug deal or for an illegal transaction.

Boodle = means you have a Broccoli Wad of ones for the strippers or a "dummy" roll so people think you are broke and you have a "real" Broccoli Wad of one hundred dollar bills in your other pocket. It is a reference to one of the original strip clubs.
by auntiesocial October 17, 2010
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