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A mixture of bro,brah,broski, and brahski. Commonly used by people who are "stoked" out of their minds, or by douche-bag fraternity members. Typically spoken with a "beach bum, surfer" accent.

Brobrahski as a noun- A person that wears backward visors, pooka shell necklaces, or someone who is simply, SUPER STOKED!

Mike: 'sup dude
Brobrahski: You want to go get some brewskis borbrahski?!
Mike: It's only 9 in the morning dude.
Brobrahski: who cares bro i was hoping you would be as stoked as me, but i guess not. bro.

Trevor Lord: What's up brobrahski?!
by Mitch and Mike April 08, 2009
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