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Located in Broad Ripple village on the North Side of Indiana, Broad Ripple (Magnet) High School is home to some of the most terrifying, awkward, strange children you will ever chance to encounter.

There are the awesome kids from the art, music, and theater magnets, but there are also some punks from the media communications and humanities magnets that nobody pays attention to.

Broad Ripple is a sanctuary for homosexuals, nerds, freaks, and people who just plain don't fit in. Ironically, Broad Ripple is home to the Rockets! Large rockets that resemble a male genitalia are portrayed throughout the entire school. The only school in Indiana where you can utter the phrase, "I don't like black people" and not be beaten to a senseless bloody pulp. This is because people at Broad Ripple are intelligent and win their personal battles with the power od WORDS.

Broad Ripple high school is also a magical place filled with wonderful controlled substances. Many drugs can be found floating through the orang and black decorated hallways, e.g. Heroin, Ecstasy, and even Morphine. At any time of the day you can walk in to the cafeteria and buy magical Lazy Cakes or even Marijauna brownies. Yummy!

Go rockets!
Tom: "Hey, Did you hear about the kids from Broad Ripple High School?"

Eric: "Yeah, they're all faggots. Literally."
by Heroin Bob Psycho Sean November 01, 2011
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