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Male ejaculate fluid. Especially amongst fraternity brothers, surfers and other brosephs.
This chick was so drunk, she let me spray my Bro-tien in her face.
by Joshua J. Johnston December 24, 2007
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Bro-tien - The energy derived from a brodown ( see browdown ) A transfer of Bro energy when engaged in competition and Male only spaces . Men feed off healthy competition . Sports , hunting , fishing EXT . A Mentor or father's rights of passage energy can be said to be Bro-tien filled .
Me and the guys played B ball all day It was like a bro-tien shake . I feel good .
by Traversable Mgtow May 30, 2016
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What is Brotien? Brotien is Protien for the bros! Brotien consists of any kind of Energy Drinks and Alcohol. AKA any kind of drinks that you and your bro's would drink.
Sentence: Bro i am really craving a BROTIEN right now.
by broman87 September 22, 2010
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