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An attempt at impressing and kissing the asses of all current members/brothers of the fraternity(s) you're rushing in the hopes of earning a bid so you ultimately can acquire automatic (yet shallow/boring) friends and easy access to incredibly hot sorority ass at the cost of your self-dignity and individualism.
Colin the Freshman: "Hey Pledgemaster Todd, how much can you bench with those stacked biceps, dog? I bet it took years to get triceps and abs so thick..."

Pledge Master Todd: "Enough with the bro-flirting, kid. Here at the CU Boulder chapter of Kappa Sigma we take anyone stupid enough to pay thousands of dollars more than the value of the standard of living which we provide. As long as you take Dave the Transfer into my bedroom and let me watch you guys kiss, you're in!"
by Thizzcobar September 23, 2011
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