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1). What a dude has after being out all night, lunar drunk, smoked up, man stanky, Real 3D SeXXXed up, pussy lipped, snickers breathed and cocked out in every kind of way.

2). What yer bedroom has after a week long fourgy or moregy bro fest... (See: Brofest in Bed).

3). one Bro Stinky sticky haired mother f*%#@R who never washes the gel out of his hair.

4). What a dudes favorite pair of sox, underwear, t-shirt, jock strap, hoody or beanie has after weeks and weeks of unfailing wear without removal and/or washing.

5). What your finger(s) has/have after reaching down or behind to scratch yer butt 'n' nuggets.
a). Dude... Hit me a puffer. I can't breath in here. That litter box is freaking nasty.

No, man. It's "Bro Stink". Little Dwizzle just came home from the club~

b). Dude, when you took off yer shirt your bro stink smelled just like pizza. Made me so hungry.

c). Little Dwizzle had a britches bitch itch. He reached down deep to make things right. Turning around was a hottie with her next ex-BF. "What's shakin'?" asked Little Dwizzle while passing along his Bro Stink hand shake without thinking twice.
by Sterling Arch March 09, 2011
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