The internal confidence points gained by a bro when he does something manly. Could be any of the following: winning beer pong, sex... well, you get the idea. (Abbreviation in e-chatting could be simply "BP's")
Friend: "Dude, what happened after you left with Shayna last night?"
Bro: "She upped by bro points; best. night. ever."
Friend: "That's freaking awesome. I'm still at zero BP's"
Bro: "It's all good man, you're points will come eventually."
by jimmyeatworld517 November 11, 2010
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A bro casually walking recognizes a fellow bro. He extends his arm in a somewhat neanderthal-like, pointing motion in recognition of that fellow bro.
*extends arm using the bro point* BROOO! Natty ice at yo crib later?

*onlooker slaps forehead at this lesser form of humanity*
by jbsqueasy April 29, 2009
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A variation of brownie points for kudos earned among male friends (see also brochacho). Can occur during a brostorming session for something exceptionally brotacular. Brotards need not even try.
I'm usually not much of an NCAA fan, but I got some major bro-nie points this year for randomly picking the winner.
by kraftydevil March 19, 2012
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