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A sub genre of rock ‘n roll music, branching off the Nü-Metal sub genre, characterized by heavy guitar riffs, simplistic lyrics surrounding love, loss, and sex. It is widely accepted by a class of listeners who are not visibly metal fans - such as weight room enthusiasts, football players, auto mechanics, and others who commonly use “bro” as an informal way to address a friend, acquaintance, or even a complete stranger. The common listener also usually queues up popular hip-hop tracks, gangsta rap, country, etc on their personal listening device. Bros typically refer to this genre simply as “metal.” Bands include, but are not limited to:
• Nickelback
• Creed
Puddle of Mudd
“Hey bro. Have you heard that new Nickleback album? That shit is dope. Chad Kroeger really hits me right in the feels.”

“Bro! Bro! I hear Creed might get back together next week. I love it when Scott Stapp opens his arms wide when he shouts. That shit is tough like Jesus, bro!”

“Hey bro. I got an extra ticket to see Puddle of Mudd tomorrow night. I can’t find anyone else to go with me. I have an extra Ed Hardy shirt in it for you can have if you want to tag along. C’mon bro, no one else will go with me. C’mon bro. Broooooo?!”

“Yeah, I can’t stand watching Scott Stapp mimick Eddie Vedder’s voice or pretend he’s Jesus Christ. At least Eddie Vedder’s natural speaking voice sounds similar to how he sings. Scott Stapp sounds nasally when he talks and writes lyrics that appeal to either 3rd graders or gym rats who love bro metal.”
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by OciferSven December 02, 2018
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Heavy metal music characterized by themes such as being tough and powerful, drinking beer, partying with your friends, talking back to your boss/parents, fighting, and bouncing back after a bad experience/breakup because of the strength you derive from your tight knit circle of male friends. Similar to metalcore, but listeners are more likely to be dressed more casually in cargo pants and flip-flops, while metalcore listeners favor tight jeans and skater branded t-shirts. Usually enjoyed in festival settings where 10 or more bands play outside. Representative groups include Devil Driver, Hatebreed, As I Lay Dying, As Blood Runs Black, Six Feet Under, Five Finger Death Punch, Norma Jean, All That Remains, Asking Alexandria and others.

"Yo man, are you listening to Devil Driver again?"
"Yeah, I dig this new groove."
"Yeah, it's dope. I can't wait to fuck shit up in the pit at their show!"
"Yo man, are you listening to Devil Driver again? Why you like that bro-metal?"
"Yeah, I dig this new groove."
"Yeah, it's dope I guess. I can't wait to fuck shit up in the pit at their show!"

bro metal festival dope groove mosh pit heavy metal devil driver
by Slaughtered-Dignity August 07, 2013
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