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1. A mild inconvenience for the average human being, a bro headache is a major pain in the ass for for a young, well-off male. Bro headaches include filing TPS reports and other mundane bullshit, providing any sort of authorized/signed documentation for any reason at all, rescheduling any event, giving any sort of presentation at work, going to work dinners, going on dates with a long time girlfriend, or just anything that doesn't involve maximum drinking or relaxation. In many cases, bro headaches will go on ignored until someone else goes out of their way to fix it for you. If a bro accumulates too many bro headaches at once, this can lead to a bro funk.

2. An actual headache, as in a pain in your head, induced by drinking, smoking, and heavy cocaine use. These generally occur on Sundays and Mondays. They can be alleviated by a glass of scotch or pounding several after-work beers. Benders also temporarily delay this type of bro headache.
Bro, I got hammered and was doing a bunch of lines last night and now my boss wants me to give a presentation this afternoon on the work I should have been doing over the weekend. It's chill, cause I'm a serious bro, but it's a major bro headache in any case. On top of that I have a bro headache from the partying I was doing.
by SenorCantos April 24, 2012
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