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The bestest friend in the world. She can make you smile any time and everytime. She likes to pee in toilet bowls, but never in the public. Brittnnie is a unique spelling. Brittnnie's are usually known for being a lazy bum but at times. A Brittnnie is also used for scorekeeping a basketball game. Brittnnie is a young talented woman. Theres no other words to describe her. Brittnnie is known for looking at other people's sandwhiches and smelling them. Brittnnie gets mean when she gets bored. She plays with people. Very sporty and hyper. Brittnnie's are known for speaking Spanis. She is the perfect best friend :D
Brittnnie : APURATEH !
Teacher : Menudo ?
by Pretty mama if you single January 27, 2009
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