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Brittany Dodds: Brittanys are beautiful, smart girls. They are shy sometimes, but once they feel comfortable around you, theyll open right up. They are a lot of fun, and they are always nice. They are always very down to earth, and stick with one close group of friends for most or all of their lives. They usually arent the most "popular" but they arent nerds. They dont act fake around people, they are who they are and they dont change. Sometimes they are self-conscious, but they have no reason to be. They might fix their hair at while at their school toilets, even when its perfect. They have the best laugh in the world, and their eyes are just remarkable. They always look pretty, even without trying, and when they do try, its amazing. They have great style: both in clothes in music. They usually like sweet , funny , attractive guys and you will be falling in love with one in no time, and although you may break her heart , she still has it in her soul to forgive you , and when she does, you MUST be there for her , you don't ever wanna lose a girl like brittany.
Bro , your so fuckin' fly , all the bitches be jealous, you got brittany Dodds,
by Nathan BuildAbongChop December 26, 2012
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