a unique name rarely used meaning the queen of england for beautyful girls the most uneque person you could ever meet you cant juge her by only her cover she not one you can understand right off the back with an air of mystery she'll keep you guessting an on your toes you'll always find her sitting alone pondering to herself her smile like no other when you first see it you cant help but want to know more but thats up to her if she'll let you in her eyes so huge an mezmerizeing her silents just urges you more an you cant resist her but when you know her she is the funnest interesting person you'll ever meet kina of a heart braker but wont hurt a fly shes the nicest person you can ever meet just dont get on her bad side
look at her all alone i wonder whats on her mind thats brittannia
by nekofreekgirl July 31, 2011
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