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Bad teeth synonomous with the British people, but actually seen in all peoples. Characterized by poor othodonture and caries (decaying teeth).

Dane Cook's description of bad teeth describes British teeth very well:

"If a girl opens her lips and its all *Flingk FlIngK FliNgK FlinGk* if its like a booby trap, I don't like it when you open your mouth and its a battle of epic proportions goin on, and your teeth are all screamin' at each other in there. "I'm a molar, Wisdom tooth! Get the fuck outta my gums. Hi I'm a buck tooth and like to be outside past the lips. I enjoy a nice sea breeze from time to time...Hi I'm the crazy yellow toof that looks like corn. Don't brush me.Don't brush me. I have an image to uphold, don't brush me, I'm yellow."

Synonyms: Picket Fence, Mouth of Horrors
She's a babe, but she needs to keep that mouth closed and those British teeth inside the house.
by Nancy_Drew_Mysterious October 04, 2006
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Believing that British teeth are always bad is an ignominy, cultivated by stupid Americans who makes clever Americans feel terribly embarrassed.
A (stupid American): Everyone knows that British teeth are horrible !

B (clever American): Stop saying bullshit, you jackass !
by ANFeuerstahl November 02, 2012
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