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Elite army forces of the United Kingdom. They have about 360 personel. These guys are some of the most elite (if not the most elite) in the world too. They inspired the creation of the U.S. army's Delta Force (who they cross train with). The SAS are the grandfather of all special operation units in the world. They have been around since World War 2. Despite the fact being called "air service", they do hardly any air service; Most of their missions take place on land and sea. The only air missions that I could think of them doing are hyjacking a flying airplane, rescuing hostages on an airplane, and of course riding and getting deployed by helicopters as well as jumping out of them. Prior to joining the SAS, one must have already been in the army for atleast 3 years. Liam Neeson was trained by a former SAS member for the movie "Taken". Now some Americans who are idiotic, don't know what they are talking about, are ignorant, biest, cocky, and dumb often make fun of the British SAS for being British and say they suck compare to American Special Ops like the SEALs when in reality the SAS are about equally elite as America's Delta Force and SEAL Team Six (the best special ops in America as well some of the best in the world).
American Idiot-The British SAS aren't tough because they are British and America has the SEALs who took out Bin Laden!

British SAS commando-If you say something like that again, i'm gonna beat your ass like 20 times harder than Liam Neson could. S.A.S. stands for "Special Air Service" . We are called "Special" because we are elite. And unlike MOST soldiers of the U.K. the British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) could destory nearly any American military unit besides Delta Force and SEAL Team SIX!
by Chillice November 21, 2016
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