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British School Manila is awesome. Yes just admitt it. the tuition fee is high but that's coz it offers a high standard teaching and the atmosphere of the school would take over any other school any time :P We have lots of rivals. ISM for one. But our lions our much better than thier bearcats. The title of this school may be BRITISH school manila but we accept any nationality (thats why we're awesome) we love sports and academics (reason number two for being awesome). Bsm Is AwEsOmE! it gets kind of boring when you ask a player from the sports teams if they won or not because we know the immediate answer is yes. Our School may not be as big as ISM but we dont want a school when we dont know who everybody is in the year because through out the whole school we know each other (another reason as to being awesome) haha im gonna write more soon.
'Wow you go to British School Manila?'
'Thats sexy'

'Darn we lost the football match!'
'to who?'
'British School Manila
by ihateretainers January 18, 2011
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