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A game typically played during spring break where contestants attempt to collect the most "pounds" by adding the weights of all the girls they've successfully laid during the allotted time.

-Approval of approximate weight of girl is required by at least one other contestant.
-No, playing just the tip does not count.
-No matter how many times you shag the same girl, her weight is only added once.

Strategies include:

The narcissist who attempts to win the competition by hooking up with at least 35 anorexic models.
Note: To date, only one successful delusional campaign has been reported.

Dance of Desperation:
A very awkward mating ritual performed with a colossal dance-floor-loving female of the gravity-happy variety. Recognized as the fastest way to climb up the leaderboard.
Warning: the high BAC required to pull the DoD off may backfire without the aid of viagra. Also, NEVER EVER agree to be on bottom.

Sams Club:
Lets just say that everything you buy there is simply bigger.

a rapidfire all out effort to take down anything you can whenever you can.

A shameless player who takes down all the emotionally confused girls that have already been run through by other contestants. The best vultures pick up a lot of pounds (and possibly stds) with little effort.

Making the Fat lady sing:
When the points leader virtually guarantees his victory by O-facing the biggest of targets on the last night of competition.
Chris was killing last year's British Scavenger Hunt until Ryan's epic Dance of Desperation won him the Crown.
by APA March 24, 2008
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