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A British prep is different to their American equivalent. Rather than wearing tracksuits and Abercrombie and Fitch t shirts, the British Prep tends to opt for Brogues or plimsoles, Polo shirts, Tank tops and chinos. These are usually bought from Ralph Lauren and such. British preps almost always go to private schools and enjoy pastimes such as yachting, golf, tennis, badminton, polo and going to the races.
British Prep 1- Ya, I just arrived back from Gordonstoun, daddy and I are about to go feed the horses

British Prep 2- Nice, I'm off to Jack Wills, fancy getting out of the house wearing my new RL

British Prep 1- Coolness, have fun, Love ya!!!

British Prep 2- Love ya too babe!!!
by Willite92 September 19, 2009
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